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Why Konte Home?

Durable and Secure

Yük konteynırları, inşa edildiği malzeme olan çelik; yüksek dayanıklılık ve mukavet. Böylelikle Konte Home evleri yangın, kötü hava koşulları ve deprem gibi afetlere karşı güvenlidir.


We reflect our commitment to sustainability principles in shipping containers as well. Shipping containers are made from recyclable and reusable materials.

Simple and Flexible

Konte Home container houses provide a unique option that offers minimalist and flexible living spaces. This allows you to create a distinctive, spacious, and personalized living environment.


At Konte Home, we provide high-quality insulation in our homes made from shipping containers. Shipping containers naturally resist external influences with their durable and waterproof structures.

Our Products

We design unique and personalized living spaces exclusively for you.

Our Solution Partners

Our Solution Partners


We create creative solutions for your modern lifestyle.

Project Planning

To ensure the successful management of the project process, we execute project planning in the best possible manner.

Product Design

We ensure the creation of a product that is tailored to our users' needs, aesthetically appealing, and functionally efficient

Technical Support

We provide assistance in technical matters that our customers require by closely monitoring all processes in the best possible way

Customer Support

We value being there for our customers at every step with an approach aimed at keeping their satisfaction at the highest level.


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